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This is one of my ideas off how a Counter Ballast system. My system is build of the usual stuff two pullies and a roap. My weights are not standard diving lead weights. The two bottom weights ar made of stainles steel tubes that are filled with lead. This will make them streamlined and will hang more straight down even if there are some currents ( not to strong) so i hawe two 14 kg Stainles steel tubes.
Now the counter ballast. This is a solid 40 kg stainless "tube" a 40 cm long steelbar that i have drilled a 28 mm hole through and have threaded for two small rings to attatche the thinner ropes that go to the break. My idea is that the roap will run through the 28 mm hole to minimize the risk of having the counterballast wobbling on its way down. This will also minimize the risk of getting hit by the weight.

The break.
The counter ballast is attatched to the break (this is under construktion). When the ballast is released the break will grab the roap so you dont have to wait until the weight hits the bottom weight. So direct after release you will have the extra lift.
To the right there is some pictures of the weights a testrig and a pdf of the break and counter ballast










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The pdf. This is a 3D PDF of
the break and the counter ballast weight




This is the 40 kg Counter ballast weight hanging
in a climbing roap clamp.